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Group Volunteering

Experience Build Day on April 13th, 2024: A community-wide event where hundred volunteers come together to renovate schools, parks, and public spaces across Worcester.

Join us as we collaborate to build for our city!


Thorndyke Road School

About the Project:

Project Goals: 

The Thorndyke Project seeks to install sensory chairs, a sensory walk for students, and complete interior painting. 

(subject to change)

Volunteer Tasks:

Project #1: Paint Office

Activity Leader: Jacqueline Snyder

Plan: paint the office

Project #2:  Paint Stairwell 1

Activity Leader: Grace Soltesz

Plan: paint the stairwell

Project #3: Paint Stairwell 2

Activity Leader: Meaghan Noone

Plan: paint the stairwell

Project #4: Paint Sensory Walk

Activity Leader: Nora Flaherty and Ella Schiffman

Plan: paint the sensory walk


30 Thorndyke Rd, Worcester, MA, USA

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 2.11.58 PM.png

Questions About Build Day? 

Connect With Our  Volunteer Team:

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