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The Working for Worcester Story


The 11 Year Impact of Working for Worcester



 Reinvested in the Community 



Estimated People Impacted



Playgrounds Built

Estimates As of April 2022

12 Years of History in Worcester

W4W's humble vision grew to a citywide service day to mobilize everyone from corporations to college students to create these spaces in one giant day of community service and pride.


From Idea to Reality

In the Fall of 2012, Holy Cross junior roommates Jeff Reppucci and Derek Kump decided that they wanted to step outside their campus gates and learn a more about the greater city of Worcester, MA. Thus, the inspiration for W4W was born: Reppucci and Kump launched an organization dedicated to mobilizing college students to improve recreation infrastructure and opportunities within neighborhoods across the city.


Build Day Begins

On the first Build Day, Reppucci and Kump yet assembled close to 540 volunteers across 12 community recreation sites assisting the construction of 2 new playgrounds, 4 new basketball courts, a dance studio, a baseball field, a teen recreation room, a food pantry, a school cafeteria, new walking trails!


Handing Down the Reins

With Reppucci and Kump graduated from Holy Cross, their long distance love for Worcester blossomed. Headed up by Colette Houssan, W4W only grew stronger reinvesting $100,000 into 3 playgrounds, 1 baseball field, 5 basketball hoops, and so much more!


All Grown Up

In 2019, Working for Worcester had evolved into so much more, it had become a day to celebrated across all of the community members! At this point, almost 1.2 million had already been invested into the city of Worcester's recreational infrastructure.


Overcoming Covid-19

With the Managing Team trying to navigate getting sent home from school, Build Day was unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, the team raised $23,240.59 for the Worcester Together COVID-19 emergency response fund!


The "New Normal"

After a year with no playgrounds, Build Day Year 9 was faced with over coming the rapidly evolving Covid-19 pandemic, creating a Covid-Tzar role to monitor health trends. Nonetheless, 2 playground still managed to be built, albeit the smiles covered with masks!


W4W is Back!

With the smiles in full display, Build Day Year 10 marked the first "normal" event in almost three years. With 1,200 cheery volunteers gathered at Worcester City Hall, W4W managed to build it BIGGEST PLAYGROUND EVER!

Reppucci and Kump launched an organization dedicated to mobilizing college students to improve recreation infrastructure and opportunities in neighborhoods across the city.

Former Executive Directors

Year 12 (2024)

Aidan Busconi, Thomas Keane, Mia Burgio

Year 10 (2022)

Jules Cashman,

Sabrina Ramos

Year 8 (2020)

Karina Ramos,

Liam Shields

Year 6 (2018)

Colleen Naber

Year 4 (2016)

Molly Hourigan,

Brenden Healey

Year 1 and 2 (2013, 2014)

Jeff Reppucci,

Derek Kump

Year 11 (2023)

Caitlin McCutcheon, Charlie Deorn, Aidan Busconi

Year 9 (2021)

Liam Busconi

Ian Williamson

Year 7 (2019)

Tommy Nixon,

Lilly Pochintesta,

Gabby Lutz

Year 5 (2017)

Bowen Lee

Year 3 (2015)

Colette Houssan

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