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Year 12 Begins TODAY

The entire Working for Worcester team is so excited to welcome our sponsors, volunteers, and sites back for another AMAZING Build Day! Follow this page for all updates related to Build Day Year 12.


Build Day: 
APRIL 13th 2024

Working for Worcester's 11th annual Build Day begins now! The entire Managing Team is hard at work preparing Build Day Year 12.  Over the coming months we will update this page with more information. 

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Build Day Timeline:

Site Evaluations

Working for Worcester's evaluates sites based on key criteria including feasibility, community impact, and the sustainability of our infrastructure investments. 

September to November '23

Site Manager Recruitment

Working for Worcester recruits approximately 100 site managers to run our site level operations and to manage our average 50 volunteers per site. 

November to December '23


Working for Worcester will notify all of the site on what parts of their project will be completed on Build Day. At this point, W4W will enter into contracts with the sites.

November to December '23

Build Day Volunteers

Each Build Day, Working for Worcester needs approx. 1,200 volunteers to participate in order to adequately staff all of the sites. Volunteers of all abilities are encouraged to attend! 

March to April 2024

Working for Worcester's Build Day requires months of planning, purchasing, and coordinating therefore we are often unable to accommodate last minute requests.

Volunteering on Build Day

If you’re interested in getting involved with Working for Worcester, there are so many ways for you to help. W4W is fortunate enough to have AMAZING construction companies build the more complex sites. Each Build Day, Working for Worcester recruits approximately 1,200 volunteers from all walks of life with the opportunity to tons of different activities thats meets your physical abilities and skills.

Learn about some the jobs you will may be doing below!

There are so many ways giving back! Explore how you can support Working for Worcester

Build Day Year 12


Working for Worcester's 11th annual Build Day will reinvest nearly $150,000 back into the city, with the construction of numerous playgrounds, swing sets, and activity rooms!

Stay tuned for more updates. 

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