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Annual Impact

Working for Working each year completes appox. 20 sites ranging from playgrounds to clean up, our annual Build Day impacts on average 30,000 individuals. 

W4W 2022

Back and Better than Ever! 

Build Day Year 10 by the Numbers:

20 Sites

2 Playgrounds

1 Gaga pit

10,000 Cubic Yards of Mulch

1,200 AMAZING Volunteers

$150,000 Dollars reinvested back into Worcester

But numbers don't tell the story of the amazing day of April 9th 2022! Here it from our team themselves -

W4W 2021

​2 New Playgrounds

5 Worcester Colleges Represented

200+ Eager Volunteers

11 Total Sites: Blacktop Games, Painting, Revitalization

W4W 2019

 New Playgrounds
1  Art Studio
1 Natural Playground
3 Buddy Benches
1 Food & Clothing pantry
9 Worcester Colleges Represented
55+ Generous Project Partners
1,200+ Eager Volunteers
22 Total Sites: Blacktop Games, Painting, Revitalization!
$120,000 Total Resources and Investment

W4W 2017

1 Natural Playground
2 Steam Labs
3 New Playgrounds
4 Revitalized Community Spaces
9 Different Colleges Represented
22 Community Sites
50+ Generous Project Supporters
150 Black Top Games
1,000+ Eager Volunteers
$240,000+ Total Resources Invester

W4W 2015

1  Baseball Field
2  Renovated Parks
3  New Playgrounds
5  Basketball Courts
9  Different Worcester Colleges Represented
19  Community Sites
35+ Generous Project Partners
50+ Garden Boxes
900+ Eager Volunteers
$100,000+ Investment in Recreational Spaces

W4W 2020

Working for Worcester's annual Build Day was unfortunately cancelled due to the emergent COVID-19 pandemic.


However, we remained dedicated to completing these projects in future years. Additionally, Working for Worcester raised $23,240.59 for the Worcester Together COVID-19 emergency response fund with generous support from peers and alumni! Money collected was used to help provide short-term emergency needs like food and shelter, as well as to support organizations working with populations most vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic's long-term effects.

W4W 2018

Natural Playgrounds
STEAM Lab & library
New Playgrounds
Revitalized Community Spaces
3  Buddy benches
1  Food & Clothing Pantry
Different Worcester Colleges Represented
23 Community Sites
55+ Generous Partners
175 Blacktop Games
1,200+ Eager Volunteers
Total Resources and Investment

W4W 2016

 Ste​m lab
2  homework spaces
3  Basketball Courts
new playgrounds
 different Worcester colleges represented
community sites
50+  generous project partners
150  Blacktop games
1,100+  eager volunteers
$200,000+ total resources and investment

W4W 2014

1  New Commercial Dance Studio
2  Renovated Baseball Fields
Community Gardens
New Basketball Courts
Different Worcester Colleges Represented
25 Community Sites
35+ Generous Project Partners
1000+ Eager Volunteers
$100,000+  Investment in Recreational Spaces

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