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Information For Site Manager

The entire Working for Worcester team is so excited to welcome our sponsors, volunteers, and sites back for another AMAZING Build Day! We will be accepting site manager and site director applications starting November 8th. This year we have added extra levels of contact to ensure volunteers, sites, and resources are managed more effectively.


Build Day is April 13, 2024

W4W POC, Project Directors, and Site Managers? 

There are three layers of contacts with the W4W team to ensure that volunteers, sites, and resources are managed efficiently and effectively. 


Project Directors are responsible for planning and allocating the items outlined in the Grant Determination of sites. You will be your primary contact starting in January.


W4W Point of Contact is either: Jake, JT, or Peter. They are all members of the Managing Team and have the authority to edit Grant Determinations.


Site Managers will be planning individual activities on Build Day with volunteers. Sites Mangers will likely not have much communication with Sites.  

Site Manager/Director Timeline:

Project Manager Applications close

Applications to be a project manager close and the team carefully reviews each application

November 15th

Site Manager Applications Close

Applications to be a site manager close and the team carefully reviews each application

November 30th


Project Managers meet with JT, Peter, or Jake to meet each other and discuss their plans

November 15th to December 15th

Site Assignment

Project Directors are assigned to Sites but sites don't find out until January 15th

December 15th

Working for Worcester's Build Day requires months of planning, purchasing, and coordinating therefore we are often unable to accommodate last minute applications.

Site/Director Manager Training

All Managers must complete a 30-minute training course

December 15th-January 15th

Site Manager Organization 

Project Directors help in selection of Site Managers and all Site Managers are assigned to a site

January 15th

Director Meeting #2

Project Directors solely meet one last time with JT, Peter, or Jake to finalize site details

January 15th-February 15h

Site Manager Meeting #2

Site Managers meeting with Site Directors and team to finalize plans 

February 15th-March 15th

Site Director Final Meeting

Each Site Director meets with Jt, Peter, or Jake to go over any changes or answer any questions

March 15-April 12

Site Manager Meeting 

First Site Manager meeting to meet the team and get organized for the year

January 15th

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