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Welcome to Build Day

Have an Issue? Connect with our Team Immediately:

 Build Day Volunteer Portal (BETA) 

Please Use the Phone Number or Registration Number You Used to Sign Up for Working for Worcester.
Please check your confirmation email for your registration details. 

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Build Day Timeline:


Check-in begins at 8:15am at Worcester Common, where volunteers will be able to enjoy light refreshments and mingle with other volunteers. 

8:15am to 9am

Kick Off 

Enjoy our guest speakers excite the crowd for an amazing day of volunteering. Here from a range of speakers from the City Mayor to the Founder of W4W!

9am  to 9:30

Head to 

Meet with your site manager at the Rally  to get the address. Note: Transportation will not be provided to individual sites so please try and carpool with your friends.  

9:45am to 10am

Right In

Site managers will overseeing the progress of volunteers on Build Day and you will be delegated a range of tasks. Around 12pm pizza will be dropped off to your site where you will take a break. 

11am to Approx. 3pm

Explore what Build Day will look when you volunteer. On behalf of the entire W4W team we are so grateful for your contributions to the City and for helping us make this day possible!

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