Working For Worcester 2015

2015 By The Numbers:


1  Baseball Field
2  Renovated Parks
3  New Playgrounds
5  Basketball Courts
9  Different Worcester Colleges Represented
19  Community Sites
35+ Generous Project Partners
50+ Garden Boxes
900+ Eager Volunteers
$100,000+ Investment in Recreational Spaces

11 Years of Working for Worcester


What Working for Worcester focused on in 2016:


This year, Working for Worcester continued to growing its reach across the city while simultaneously creating a sustainable project process and coalition.  2016 Objectives included:

  • Finalizing the RFP (Request for Proposal) site selection process

  • Creating new social engagement events targeting the student and resident populations

  • Establishing WforW leadership teams at other colleges

  • Cultivating new corporate and organizational partnerships

  • Cultivating relationships between corporate sponsors and their sites Completing 21 project sites!

  • Emphasizing sustainability in the Worcester community

  • Mobilizing 1,100+ volunteers on project day!

The Working for Worcester Service Day and Rally was held on Saturday, April 16th! Our Rally kicked off at 9:15 AM and the city-wide day of service went on from there. Over the course of 10 hours, Working for Worcester improved 21 different sites across the city of Worcester, and we couldn't have done it without our great volunteers! We are so grateful for all of YOU, our great volunteers, sponsors, and supporters, who truly make this all possible.

After Three incredible projects over the past three years, Working for Worcester was determined continue its community movement and impact on April 16th, 2016.  Many of previous years' sponsors, volunteers and community leaders recommitted/increased their resources and energy to this year's project.

11 Years of Working for Worcester