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Accountability & Governance

Working for Working is made up a dedicated group of talented college students who depend on an AMAZING group of city, non-profit, business leaders to advise and audit our annual operations, expenses, and Build Day. 


W4W Advisory Board Advances and Holds Accountable the Managing Team to the IRS Designated Mission of  W4W

The project Advisory Board is comprised of city leaders representing the corporate, school system, local and state government, and non-profit partners of Working for Worcester.  The Advisory Board helps the student leaders of the project to develop Working for Worcester’s reach across the city, site selection process, and resource development.  These individuals are incredibly committed to the mission of W4W, while ensuring all of W4W's operations abide by all applicable city, state, and federal laws.

The Advisors

of Working for Worcester

Karyn Polito

Lt. Governor of Massachusetts


Eric Batista 
Worcester City Manager


Maureen Binienda
Superintendent, Worcester Public Schools

J. Christopher Collins
Of Council, Mirick O'Connell

Dan Donahue
Massachusetts State Representative

Tim Garvin
President & CEO, The United Way of Central Massachusetts

Steve Gentilucci
General Superintendent, Consigli Construction

Kimberly Salmon
President of Community Relations, The Hanover Insurance Group

Joe Bradlee
Vice President of  Community Relations, ​Worcester Red Sox

Patricia Peterleitner

Independent Educational Strategist

Helene Winn

TJX Community Relations

William Allison

Consigli Construction

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