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Committee for Public Counsel Services

Group Volunteering

Experience Build Day on April 13th, 2024: A community-wide event where hundred volunteers come together to renovate schools, parks, and public spaces across Worcester.

Join us as we collaborate to build for our city!


Gates Lane School

About the Project:

Project Goals: 

The Gates Lane project seeks to revitalize play areas for elementary school students by repainting games, planting flowers and mulching areas around trees, and replacing two basketball hoops.

(subject to change)

Volunteer Tasks:

Project #1: Basketball Hoops

Activity Leader: Nora

Plan: oversee basketball hoop installation

Project #2: Painting Blacktop Games

Activity Leaders: Daria and Jorji (& Nora if needed)

Plan: repaint the 2 four-square courts, repaint basketball key, possibly paint a kickball

Project #3: Planting

Activity Leader: Matt

Plan: re-mulch and plant flowers/plants around the three trees in the courtyard


1238 Main St, Worcester, MA, USA

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Questions About Build Day? 

Connect With Our  Volunteer Team:

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