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Project Description:
Subject to Change

The Play it Forward Boxes seeks to install a box that provides the students of Union Hill School with toys to use during recess and on the playground. The box will contain inflatable toys that the community can access, as well. On the box is a flier that indicates its purpose and expectations for using it (ex. putting toys back in the box after use).

Site Managers:

Director: Annie Brickley Site Managers: Maeve Walsh
Lauren Walsh
Alexandria Paradise
Maeve Folger


2 Chapin Street, Worcester, MA, US

Start Time: 

April 13th at 10am

Welcome to Year 12:

Play it Forward Boxes

Welcome to Build Day 2024, We are Excited to Have You Volunteer On Build Day! On this Page You Will Find Detailed Information About the Project, Including Building Instructions, Materials and Tools We Are Using. 


Volunteer Tasks and Assignments:

Below is a Detailed Overview of The Assignments on Build Day That Volunteers Will Do. 

Project Overview:

The goal is to provide Union Hill School students and the community with a "Play It Forward" box filled with inflatable toys for recess and playground use. This project also includes installing the box properly, ensuring it is accessible and inviting by adding aesthetic touches such as paint.

April 12 - Build Day Prep:
  • Confirm all necessary tools are gathered.

  • Visit the site to finalize the box placement.

  • Pre-design the box's decoration.

  • Plan the floral arrangement surrounding the box.

  • Consider pre-delivering the box to the site.

Project #1: Inflate Toys

Activity Leader: Lauren Walsh

Objective: Efficiently inflate all toys, verifying they are in working condition for immediate use.


  1. Use an air pump to inflate each toy.

  2. Check for any leaks or defects in the toys.

  3. Ensure each toy is fully inflated and functional.

Tools Needed: Air pump

Volunteers Needed: 3-4

Project #2: Paint Box

Activity Leader: Alexandra Paradise

Objective: Creatively design and paint the "Play It Forward" box, making it visually appealing and informative.


  1. Sketch the design on the box, using rulers and pencils for accuracy.

  2. Paint the box with vibrant colors and clear messaging about its purpose.

  3. Allow paint to dry thoroughly before installation.

Tools Needed: Paint, paint brushes, rulers, pencils (optional: can be brought from home)

Volunteers Needed: 4

Project #3: Dig Out Level Ground & Screw Lock

Activity Leader: Maeve Walsh/ Maeve Folger

Objective: Prepare a stable site for the box and secure it with a lock to ensure the toys are safely stored when not in use.


  1. Remove grass and level the ground where the box will be placed.

  2. Place the box in the prepared area.

  3. Once the paint is dry, attach a lock to the box using screws and a screwdriver.

Tools Needed: Rake, shovel, lock, screws, screwdriver

Volunteers Needed: 4

Volunteer Management

Activity Leader(s): Annie Brickley

Pre-Build Day & Build Day:

  • Arrange for the transportation of the box and remaining supplies to the site.

  • Design and produce a flier explaining the purpose of the "Play It Forward" box, utilizing tools like Canva for professional results.

  • Confirm parking arrangements for volunteers, providing clear instructions for Build Day.

  • Coordinate volunteer transport as needed, ensuring everyone can reach the site without issues.

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