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Project Description:
Subject to Change

The Austin Tot Lot project seeks to do a full playground demo and reconstruction and fix the retaining wall.  In addition, beautification will be done including mulching and planting flowers. 

Site Managers:

Director: Connor Faughnan Site Managers: Anthony Mabardy
Rory mcconville
Kirsten Letourneau
Tate Hadges


122 Austin Street, Worcester, MA, USA

Start Time: 

April 13th at 10am

Welcome to Year 12:

Austin Tot Lot

Welcome to Build Day 2024, We are Excited to Have You Volunteer On Build Day! On this Page You Will Find Detailed Information About the Project, Including Building Instructions, Materials and Tools We Are Using. 


Volunteer Tasks and Assignments:

Below is a Detailed Overview of The Assignments on Build Day That Volunteers Will Do. 

* *IMPORTANT SITE INFORMATION: Please park at Chandler Elementary School (114 Chandler St, Worcester, MA). Park Attendant Will Be On Site To Assist* *

Project Goals: 

The Austin Tot Lot project seeks to do a full playground demo and reconstruction and fix the retaining wall.  In addition, beautification will be done including mulching and planting flowers. 

Project #1: Playground Installation

Activity Leader: Consigli (Connor and Rory)

Objective: Safely and efficiently install the new playground equipment to rejuvenate the Austin Tot Lot for community use.


  • Volunteers will assist Consigli Construction with preparatory tasks, such as unloading and organizing equipment, under close supervision.

  • Follow specific instructions from Consigli for installation to ensure equipment is installed safely and correctly.

Tools: Provided By Consigli

Volunteers Needed: 8 (mainly for support roles such as equipment handling and site preparation)


Project #2: Fix Retaining Wall

Activity Leader: Connor & Rory

Objective: Restore the retaining wall by replacing deteriorated wood, maintaining the area's safety and aesthetic.


  • Dismantle the old wall sections carefully to avoid disturbing the surrounding area.

  • Install new wood, replicating the original design for consistency.

  • Lumber is precut and provided by W4W Team

  • Ensure all new sections are securely fastened and treated to withstand weather conditions.

Tools: Sledge Hammer, Pickaxe

Volunteers Needed: 6

Project #3: Non-Playground Mulching and Flower Beds

Activity Leader: Kirsten and Chris

Objective: Beautify the park by applying mulch and planting flowers, enhancing the visual appeal and health of plant beds.


  • Clear existing beds of weeds and debris to prepare for new plants.

  • Spread mulch evenly around plant areas and along pathways to improve soil health and appearance.

  • Plant new flowers in designated areas, following a predetermined layout to ensure visual appeal and healthy growth.


Volunteers Needed: 12 (divided into teams for mulching, weeding, and planting)

Project #4: Painting Benches

Activity Leader: Anto

Objective: Revitalize park benches by cleaning, priming, and painting, protecting them from the elements and improving park aesthetics.


  • Prep benches by cleaning and sanding down any rough spots to ensure a smooth surface.

  • Please cover up landscaping from stray paint using drop cloth

  • Apply a coat of Rustoleum primer to each bench (see manufacturer instructions) , followed by at least two coats of green Rustoleum paint for a fresh look.

  • Allow adequate drying time between coats and before use.

Video Instructions from Manufacturer:

Tools Needed: Drop Cloth, Painters Tape

Volunteers Needed: 6

Project #5: Clean Mural/Plexi Glass

Activity Leader: Kirsten

Objective: Maintain the integrity and visibility of the area mural by carefully cleaning the protective plexiglass.


  • Remove the plexiglass panels with care to avoid damage. (Ask Consigli to Remove)

  • Clean both sides of the panels using the cleaner to remove dirt and grime without scratching.

  • Clean the mural carefully using bristle brushes, preventing any tiles from being removed

  • Reinstall the panels securely, ensuring they're clean and clear for optimal viewing.

Volunteers Needed: 8


Project #6: Weed Fabric Installation Around Playground/Mulching

Activity Leader: Connor and Rory

Objective: Install weed fabric around the new playground area to prevent weed growth, ensuring a neat and low-maintenance ground cover.


  1. Preparation:

    • Clear the designated area around the playground of any debris, rocks, or existing weeds to ensure a smooth surface.

    • Measure the area to determine the amount of weed fabric needed, accounting for overlap between fabric strips.

  2. Installation:

    • Roll out the weed fabric across the prepared ground, cutting it to size as necessary. Ensure there's an overlap of at least 6 inches between fabric strips to prevent weed penetration.

    • Secure the fabric with garden staples, spacing them approximately every 10 inches along the fabric's edges and at the overlaps.

    • Cut X-shaped slits in the fabric where the footings are

  3. Finishing Touches:

    • After all fabric has been laid and secured, add the o mulch

Tools Needed: Weed fabric, garden staples, utility knives or scissors, rakes (for ground preparation), wheelbarrows (for transporting mulch), gloves, shovels,

Volunteers Needed: 10

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