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Group Volunteering

Experience Build Day on April 13th, 2024: A community-wide event where hundred volunteers come together to renovate schools, parks, and public spaces across Worcester.

Join us as we collaborate to build for our city!


Clark Street Community School

About the Project:

Project Goals: 

The Clark Street project aims to construct and revamp a new playground suitable for children aged 2-7 within the newly established Clark Street Preschool. This initiative includes providing the school with site clean-up services, installing the playground equipment, and implementing additional enhancements as deemed necessary. (Subject to change)

Construction Details:

The playground will feature equipment designed to meet ASTM safety standards, ensuring the highest level of safety for children during playtime. The materials used in the construction will be of premium quality, selected for their durability and longevity to withstand heavy usage over time. Consigili Construction will be managing the installation. 

(project subject to change without notice)

Volunteer Tasks on Saturday April 13th:

Project #1: Mulch Movement 

Activity Leader: Rory 

Plan: Coordinate the transportation of large quantities of ASTM Certified playground mulch across the site using wheelbarrows. Each wheelbarrow load can range from 50 to 100 pounds, depending on the capacity and density of the mulch. Volunteers will fill the wheelbarrows with mulch from the delivery location and transport them to designated areas around the playground site. 

Weight Required to Lift: Each wheelbarrow load can range from 50 to 100 pounds. 

Tools Used: 3 Wheelbarrows, 15 shovels, 3 pitchforks.

Volunteers: 12

Project #2: Barrier Installation 

Activity Leader: Sarah

Plan: Oversee the setup of barriers to prepare for the installation process by contractors. Volunteers will assist in positioning the barriers along the designated perimeter of the playground area. Each barrier may weigh from 20 to 50 pounds, depending on its material and size. 

Weight Required to Lift: The barriers may range from 20 to 50 pounds each. 

Tools Used:  Mallet, measuring tape, level, stakes

Volunteers: 10

Project #3: Game Assembly

Activity Leader: Reagan 

Plan: Facilitate the assembly of small games and toys provided by Working for Worcester (W4W), specifically tailored for the preschool environment. Volunteers will follow assembly instructions to put together various play equipment, ensuring they are safe and functional for children. Individual items may vary in weight, with most items being lightweight, around 5 to 20 pounds each. 

Weight Required to Lift: Individual items may vary, with most items being lightweight and plastic,  around 5 to 20 pounds each. 

Tools Used: 3 Screwdrivers, wrenches, assembly instructions.

Volunteers: 15

Project #4: Clean Up

Activity Leader: Riley 

Plan: Coordinate the cleaning and tidying of the surrounding grounds of the preschool facility. Volunteers will collect and dispose of debris and litter, ensuring a safe and clean environment for children to play. Debris and litter may vary in weight, with larger items possibly weighing up to 50 pounds. Weight Required to Lift: Debris and litter may vary in weight, with larger items possibly weighing up to 50 pounds. 

Tools Used: Brooms, rakes, trash bags, gloves.

Volunteers: 20

Project Timetable:

Volunteering is needed: 

Friday April 12th: Approx. 13 2'x4' Footings must be dug at the site for the playground, TIME TO BE DETERMINED

Volunteers required for Prep work: 10

To sign up to, please contact and fill out the registration form

Saturday April 13th:  All projects listed above begin at 10am 

Volunteers Required: 40-50


280 Clark Street, Worcester, MA, USA

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Questions About Build Day? 

Connect With Our  Volunteer Team:

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