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Group Volunteering

Experience Build Day on April 13th, 2024: A community-wide event where hundred volunteers come together to renovate schools, parks, and public spaces across Worcester.

Join us as we collaborate to build for our city!


Chandler Magnet/La Familia School

About the Project:

Project Goals: 

The City View Discovery project seeks to do a Full Build Out of a  Stem Classroom. 

(subject to change)

Volunteer Tasks:

Project #1: Carrying Supplies

Activity Leader: TBD

Plan: Everything will be dropped off outside the school and must be brought inside first.

Project #2: Build Chairs

Activity Leader: TBD

Plan: Put the chairs together and arrange them around the tables

Project #3: Build Stools

Activity Leader: TBD

Plan: The stools come w/o assembly, just need to be put around the vex table

Project #4: Build Tables

Activity Leader: TBD

Plan: Put together hexagonal tables

Project #5: Rearranging STEM supplies

Activity Leader: TBD

Plan: The large totes of supplies need to be rearranged and labeled in the new storage containers

Project #6: Assembly of teacher’s area

Activity Leader: TBD

Plan: The teacher’s area with tables x2 (unknown assembly) and high chairs x8 needs to be built


525 Chandler Street, Worcester, MA, USA

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 2.11.58 PM.png

Questions About Build Day? 

Connect With Our  Volunteer Team:

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