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Worcester County DA's Office

Group Volunteering

Experience Build Day on April 13th, 2024: A community-wide event where hundred volunteers come together to renovate schools, parks, and public spaces across Worcester.

Join us as we collaborate to build for our city!


Columbus Park School

About the Project:

Project Goals: 

The Columbus Park project seeks to place new mulch over the area of the park with benches, paint blacktop games, and collect trash along the perimeter of the school

(subject to change)

Volunteer Tasks:

Project #1: Blacktop Painting

Activity Leader: Esmerelda and Marisa

Plan: Clean the area, prepare paint to be used by putting it into paint tray liners, paint the blacktop games

Project #2: Mulching around benches

Activity Leader: Eliza

Plan: Clean perimeter of the area before mulching, place and lay down mulch


75 Lovell Street, Worcester, MA, USA

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 2.11.58 PM.png

Questions About Build Day? 

Connect With Our  Volunteer Team:

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