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Project Description:
Subject to Change

The West Tatnuck Project seeks to assemble three planter boxes and add river rocks as a base layer before adding planting soil, flowers, and plants to each box.

Site Managers:

Director: Savannah Rhodes Site Managers: Riley Peck
Christina Daoud
Lucy Brown


300 Mower Street, Worcester, MA, USA

Start Time: 

April 13th at 10am

Welcome to Year 12:

West Tatnuck School

Welcome to Build Day 2024, We are Excited to Have You Volunteer On Build Day! On this Page You Will Find Detailed Information About the Project, Including Building Instructions, Materials and Tools We Are Using. 


Volunteer Tasks and Assignments:

Below is a Detailed Overview of The Assignments on Build Day That Volunteers Will Do. 

Project Overview:

We will be constructing flower boxes and planting various plants in them to beatify the school


Project #1: Building Shelves

Activity Leader: Savannah

Objective: Constructing flower boxes


● Volunteers will unpack the flower boxes from their crates.

● Assemble the flower boxes.

Tools Needed: Building manual for boxes, tools for box construction (screwdrivers, wrenches,

screws, nuts, bolts), Box supplies

Volunteers Needed: 10

Project #2: Planting flowers

Activity Leader: Riley

Objective: Planting flowers/vegetable plants in the flower boxes.


● Volunteers will fill the boxes with potting soil.

● Volunteers will plant the various plants in accordance with site manager's instruction.

● Watering the plants

Tools Needed: Wheelbarrows, shovels, gloves, gardening tools (trowels, spades), hose

Volunteers Needed: 10

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