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Project Description:
Subject to Change

The Grafton Street project seeks to paint blacktop games along with repainting the basketball court. We will also paint a picnic bench for the students to sit at during lunch

Site Managers:

Director: Carley Dangora Site Managers: Caitlin Philbrick
Mary Kate Terry


311 Grafton Street, Worcester, MA, USA

Start Time: 

April 13th at 10am

Welcome to Year 12:

Grafton Street School

Welcome to Build Day 2024, We are Excited to Have You Volunteer On Build Day! On this Page You Will Find Detailed Information About the Project, Including Building Instructions, Materials and Tools We Are Using. 


Volunteer Tasks and Assignments:

Below is a Detailed Overview of The Assignments on Build Day That Volunteers Will Do. 

Project Overview:

The Grafton Street School Build Day is dedicated to revitalizing the school's outdoor play and lunch areas. Volunteers will repaint the basketball court, introduce new blacktop games, and paint picnic benches for student use.

Total Volunteers: 25
Total Tools Required:
  • Paint Brushes: 25-30

  • Picnic Tables: 3

  • Paint Trays: 15

  • Red Paint Buckets: 3

  • White Paint Buckets: 3

  • Blue Paint Buckets: 3

  • Yellow Paint Buckets: 3

  • Buckets of Sidewalk Chalk: 2

April 12 - Build Day Prep:
  • Procure all necessary supplies.

  • Use sidewalk chalk to outline all painting areas to ensure accuracy and appeal.

Project #1: Repainting the Basketball Court and Adding Blacktop Games

Activity Leader: Mary Kate

Objective: Refresh the basketball court's appearance and add engaging blacktop games for students.


  1. Use sidewalk chalk to outline the basketball court and game designs, ensuring precision in the final look.

  2. Assign volunteers to specific sections to begin painting, following the chalk outlines.

  3. Utilize different paint colors for various games and court lines, ensuring a vibrant and inviting play area.

Tools Needed: Paint brushes, paint trays, chalk, paint (red, white, blue, yellow)

Volunteers Needed: 15

Project #2: Painting Picnic Tables

Activity Leader: Caitlin Philbrick

Objective: Paint picnic tables in bright colors to create an inviting lunch area that complements the newly painted ground.


  1. Clean and prepare the surface of the picnic tables for painting.

  2. Use chalk to outline any designs or patterns on the tables to match the ground's theme.

  3. Paint the tables with the designated colors, applying multiple coats as necessary for a polished finish.

Tools Needed: Paint brushes, paint trays, chalk, paint (matching the ground colors), picnic tables

Volunteers Needed: 10 (Approximately 3-4 volunteers per table)


Pre-Build Day & Build Day:

  • Parking Situation: Available in the school's parking lot.

  • Volunteer Transport: The site director has a car available for transporting as many volunteers as possible.

This manual provides a structured approach to the Build Day projects at Grafton Street School, ensuring that all volunteers are well-informed of their tasks and the tools required to create a more vibrant and welcoming outdoor space for students.

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