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Project Description:
Subject to Change

The Columbus Park project seeks to place new mulch over the area of the park with benches, paint blacktop games, and collect trash along the perimeter of the school

Site Managers:

Director: Antonia Site Managers: Esmeralda Garcia
Eliza Koorbusch
Marisa Monahan


75 Lovell Street, Worcester, MA, USA

Start Time: 

April 13th at 10am

Welcome to Year 12:

Columbus Park School

Welcome to Build Day 2024, We are Excited to Have You Volunteer On Build Day! On this Page You Will Find Detailed Information About the Project, Including Building Instructions, Materials and Tools We Are Using. 


Volunteer Tasks and Assignments:

Below is a Detailed Overview of The Assignments on Build Day That Volunteers Will Do. 

Total Volunteers: 20-25
Project Overview:

On Build Day, the focus will be on enhancing the park area by placing new mulch around benches, painting blacktop games, and conducting a thorough trash collection along the perimeter of the school.

Project #1: Blacktop Painting

Activity Leader: Esmerelda and Marisa

Objective: Revitalize the blacktop area by cleaning and painting new games to provide engaging activities for students.


  1. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the blacktop area to ensure a smooth painting surface.

  2. Prepare the paint by pouring it into the paint tray liners for easy access.

  3. Use paint brushes and rollers to apply the paint, following the designs laid out for the blacktop games.

  4. Allow paint to dry fully before allowing any foot traffic.

Tools Needed: Blacktop paint, paint brushes, mixing sticks, paint tray liners, pile rollers with frames and handles

Volunteers Needed: 6-8

Project #2: Mulching Around Benches

Activity Leader: Eliza

Objective: Improve the aesthetic and health of the park area by adding new mulch around benches, creating a cleaner and more inviting space.


  1. Clean the perimeter of the bench area to remove any debris or trash.

  2. Spread the playground mulch bags evenly around the benches using rakes.

  3. Ensure the mulch is laid out to a sufficient depth to promote soil moisture retention and weed control.

Tools Needed: Playground Mulch bags, rakes

Volunteers Needed: 8-10

Volunteer Management

Activity Leader(s): [Names]

Pre-Build Day & Build Day:

  • Parking Situation: Information on parking will be provided, aiming to utilize nearby spaces efficiently.

  • Volunteer Transport: Strategies for volunteer transport, including carpooling and possible shuttle services, will be organized to ensure easy access to the site.

This manual is designed to guide volunteers through their tasks on Build Day, ensuring a successful and organized effort to beautify the Columbus Park School area.

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