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Welcome Back!

Calling All Green Shirts! Things look a little different since you have been here, but we are still the same great W4W. 
Who is this form for? Green Shirt folks so all former Managing Team and Site Manager members. If this is not you please use this form

Build Day Registration

Welcome back to W4W, if you were a Managing Team Alumni or Site Manager please use this registration for Build Day!

Would You Like to Make An Optional Dontion to W4W?

Waiver and Release of Liability

I am at Least 18 years of Age

I agree and understand that by signing the Electronic Signature, that all electronic signatures are the legal equivalent of my manual/handwritten signature and I consent to be legally bound to this agreement. I further agree my signature on this document is as valid as if I signed the document in writing. This is to be used in conjunction with the use of electronic signatures on all forms regarding any and all future documentation with a signature requirement, should I elect to have signed electronically. Under penalty of perjury, I herewith affirm that my electronic signature, and all future electronic signatures, were signed by myself with full knowledge and consent and am legally bound to these terms and conditions.

If You Selected to make a Donation You Will Be directed to Checkout, Otherwise wait for the Submission Confirmed Message

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